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The Conversation: Bridging the gap between research and practice in education

LEADS graduate students Tara Tressel and Meredith Derian-Toth created a blog that communicates  educational research to teachers, policymakers, school boards, students, and other experts in the education domain. The blog provides a platform for the educational community to work together on the dissemination of educational ideas, experiences, and theories. The need for this tool has been identified by many researchers (Anderman, 2011; Bauer & Fisher, 2007; Broekkamp & Van Hout-Wolters, 2007; Chafouleas & Riley-Tillman, 2005; Depaepe, 2002; Gather-Thurler, 1993; Gore & Gitlin, 2004; Huberman, 1993; Levin, 2004; McIntyre, 2005; Mortimore, 2000; Phillips, 1980; Randi & Corno, 2007; Resnick, 2010; Wagner, 1997; Whitty, 2006) and educational practitioners (Vanderlinde & van Braak, 2010). Tara and Meredith have started to bridge the gap by encouraging researchers to contribute their own work and for teachers, policymakers, and school administrators to share their experiences and expertise.

Please participate by following the link below and reading about: our research findings, the researchers who have contributed their work, and teachers’ comments on the ideas presented thus far. We are always looking for more researchers to contribute and for more practitioners to give feedback, so please keep us in mind and help us spread the word!

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