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In support of the education and training of up and coming researchers, LEADS allocates funding for graduate students to travel for events related to research projects that address issues in learning, engagement, and assessment with technology-rich learning environments. LEADS travel funds cover costs incurred for registration, travel, local transportation, accommodation, and meals. Funds are available for participation to academic conferences, but also for internships and summer schools or workshops.

Next Funding Cycle Deadline: December 1st 2017

Application Requirements

Applicants must send an email attaching the following components to Philippe Latour, LEADS Project Manager. Applications with missing components will not be considered.

  • Application form
  • A brief email from LEADS research supervisor stating his/her approval of the travel request
  • A concise curriculum vitae of the applicant (Please download and fill this CV form. CVs in any other format will not be considered.)
  • FOR ACADEMIC CONFERENCES: An email or scanned copy of the letter from the conference that confirms acceptance of the paper or poster AND a draft of the paper or poster being presented at the conference/workshop
  • FOR INTERNSHIPS: An email or scanned copy of the invitation letter from the co-investigator or partner representative
  • FOR SUMMER SCHOOLS OR RELATED WORKSHOPS: An email or scanned copy of the letter confirming enrollment to the summer school or related workshop

Students are responsible for applying to the institutions hosting the summer school or related workshop before submitting their funding applications.

Instructions Details

Applicants are permitted to apply for one travel award per ACADEMIC year, for up to a maximum of $2,300 CDN. Requests exceeding this amount must include justification for the additional funds and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Adjudication Committee, taking into consideration extra funds available in that given year.

LEADS accepts applications twice a year, around April and October, and will fund up to 5 students in each round. Applicants are responsible for checking the LEADS website regularly for deadline notifications, as well as changes to the application guidelines and process.

Students must submit applications for travel funds at least 1 month PRIOR to the proposed travel date.

Unless otherwise indicated, all complete applications should be emailed to the LEADS project manager, Philippe Latour.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their travel conditions satisfy McGill University travel requirements and policies.

Adjudication of Applications

The LEADS partnership is committed towards ensuring a fair and transparent review process by the members of the steering committee that includes student representation.

Review Criteria:

For all travel categories, priority will be given to those applicants who:

  • are currently hired to work on LEADS projects
  • have not received prior LEADS travel funding
  • who have no other source of funding

There should be no duplication of funds allocated to existing LEADS projects – that is, if the applicant’s research supervisor has already been allocated travel funds for the applicant for a particular travel event (e.g. the annual LEADS meeting in conjunction with an AERA conference), the applicant is automatically ineligible to apply for additional LEADS funding for the same event. The applicant is still permitted to apply for one LEADS travel award for another event (within the same travel category, or for another travel category)

Applications must be completed using the forms provided and must include all required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The proposed travel should relate to one or several of the LEADS themes, namely, learning, engagement, and assessment in technology-rich learning environments.

FOR ACADEMIC CONFERENCES: Applications will be ranked according to the following hierarchy:

  1. Order of authorship on a peer-reviewed paper being presented at conference/workshop
  2. Order of authorship on a poster being presented at conference/workshop
  3. The strength of the relationship between the subject matter of the paper/poster/conference workshop and the LEADS mission

FOR INTERNSHIPS: Applications will be ranked according to the strength of the research proposal in terms of the relationship between the proposed research and the LEADS mission, as well as the degree of collaboration facilitated by the internship.

FOR SUMMER SCHOOLS AND RELATED WORKSHOPS: applications will be ranked according to the strength of the research proposal in terms of the relationship between the learning goals of the summer school/workshop and the LEADS mission.

After Receiving Travel Award

Upon successful completion of the summer school/related workshop, applicants must submit a synopsis of the learning outcomes (200 words) and final report (max. 1 page, additional pictures are especially appreciated) that will be posted on the LEADS website.

In the event the applicant cannot attend the summer school/related workshop due to unforeseen circumstances that occur prior to the travel date, the allocated travel funds will be returned to the LEADS student travel pool.

Submitting Requests for Reimbursement

Successful applicants are expected to pay for all expenses up front. Applicants will be reimbursed upon submitting a Request for Reimbursement, along with all original receipts to the LEADS project manager. Tri-Council policy will apply to all travel. Download and complete the Student Travel Request for Reimbursements.

Definition of Terms

Academic conference: a recognized national and/or international conference on subject matter relevant to LEADS

Applicant: Any graduate student registered at a LEADS co-investigator research institution and supervised by a LEADS co-investigator

co-Investigator research institution: one of the LEADS research institutions receiving the applicant for a one-week internship.

LEADS project director: Susanne P. Lajoie, PhD, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP), Faculty of Education, McGill University;

LEADS project manager: Philippe Latour, Department of ECP, Faculty of Education, McGill University;

LEADS steering committee: comprises the project director, a theme leader, a partner representative, a student representative and the project manager

Partner organization: one of the LEADS partner organizations receiving the applicant for a one-week internship.

Research supervisor: the applicant’s supervisor at their home university

Summer school and related workshops: summer courses and/or workshops relevant to LEADS and offered by accredited academic institutions (e.g. LearnLab. Other summer schools and related workshops: TBA)