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Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Emotion-aware Framework using a Multi-componential Emotion Measurement Methodology



  • Susanne P. Lajoie (McGill U., Theme 1)
  • Claude Frasson (U. de Montréal, Theme 2)

Research Assistants:

  • Jason Harley (U. de Montréal)
  • Maher Chaouachi (McGill U.)


How can we help students experience positive affect while learning? This question has become paramount to all educational stakeholders whom wish to optimize student learning through the use of theoretically driven instructional practices and the creation of emotionally supportive learning environments. We aim to address this question through (1) the testing and evaluation of an integrated theoretically-based framework of emotion-aware system features (Harley, Lajoie, Frasson, & Hall, under review) and (2) advancing a state-of-the-art multi-componential emotion measurement methodology wherein different data channels are aligned and their results are compared (Harley, Bouchet,, & Azevedo, 2013; Harley, Bouchet, Hussain, Azevedo, Calvo, under review).