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A Meta-Analysis of Research on Emotions in Technology-Based Learning



  • Reinhard Pekrun (Ludwig-Maximilians U., Theme 2)

Research Assistant:

  • Kristina Loderer (Ludwig-Maximilians U.)


The present study provides a meta-analytic overview of empirical research on emotions in technology-based learning environments. More specifically, we will employ Pekrun’s (2006) control-value theory of academic emotions as a framework for synthesizing findings of studies investigating causes and effects of learners’ emotional experiences during learning with interactive technologies. In recent years, several studies have directly applied CVT to various technology-based learning environments (Artino, 2012; You & Kang, 2014) or investigated variables that are directly relevant to its main assumptions (Nummenmaa & Nummenmaa, 2008; Smith & Caputi, 2001).