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Theme 3 (Innovations in the Science of Assessment) White Paper



  • Jacqueline Leighton (U. of Alberta, Theme 3)


The writing of an “assessment” white paper is one of the outcomes proposed in the LEADS partnership application. Designed to survey the literature and provide innovative future directions for the assessment field, in this particular case assessment of learning within technology-rich learning environments, the white paper will present an empirically and theoretically-based literature review to provide an introductory base and accompany LEADS research. The final draft will be circulated among leaders of themes 1 and 2 for feedback and integration of research developments within themes 1 and 2.

The white paper will be part of a larger knowledge mobilization effort for the LEADs partnership, including exchange and dissemination of research results. The white paper may also function as a springboard for future research within the LEADs partnership research group.